Meithrinfa Bach Hapus
Meithrinfa Bach Hapus


An annual review is conducted every year and the service is reviewed based on the results.

This review is based on feedback from parents/guardians, their children and the staff. This feedback is extremely important to us as a nursery and a team.


Feedback from parents/guardians


The overall results from the questionnaires were extremely positive and it was a pleasure to read the comments made with regards to our service and the staff. Thank you very much to those of you who took the time to complete our forms.




  • Unfortunately our review was conducted over the winter period; a lot of the comments mentioned being out more and using the garden. The weather has been particularly wet this year but we have been out weather permitting, and since the weather has improved we have been out most days! We love being outdoors and grab every opportunity. Most parents who commented on this aspect of nursery life did state they understood it was weather dependent.

  • We loved the suggestion of having a sitting area for the children in the porch area and have placed seats in there. We agree that sometimes the space can become crowded, however it is unavoidable so by providing the chairs at least the children can be comfortable sitting getting their shoes on. We used to place names on the pegs but with so many doing half sessions and different days it means the pegs having 3 names over them and it can become very confusing so we keep the area simple with no names.

  • Outside sourced experts to do talks; we do have these planned along with outings throughout the year. It is a brilliant way to support our planning and develop children’s perceptions and ideas.

  • It has been suggested that we place behaviour notes in the daily diary, for example ‘well behaved, poor listening, sad, happy and naughty’. We prefer to discuss any behaviour with you in person as we hand over; writing comments can be interpreted wrong and if they are negative can cause upset and confusion. We ensure we discuss how each child has been in person and if any behaviour needs discussing we will always approach the parent at pick up points.

  • Sometimes the books are not fully completed. We apologise if this has occurred at all. We understand the importance of these books and do try our best to make sure all information is present and correct.

  • A suggestion of a middle room was made for children aged 18 months to 24 months. Ideally we would love more space in the nursery to allocate room for this, however the building does not permit us to. In the future, and if the nursery expands this will definitely be our first consideration.

  • It was highlighted speaking Welsh is essential and we could not agree more. Both English and Welsh are spoken in the nursery as it is a bilingual nursery. We build effectively on both languages within our planning and tasks.

  • Dinner times can be messy and larger bibs have been requested. We completely agree and have supplied the bibs with the sleeves and full front for meal times. We do try our best to protect the clothing and reduce mess.

  • Lots said they were unaware of where the notice board was! Its in the porch where you drop off and collect, on the left.

  • One suggestion was later opening times; unfortunately there is no demand for this at this time however we will review it later in the year.



  • A fantastic team who always go above and beyond with the excellent care they provide. I wouldn’t trust any other team with my child and I am very thankful that she is so looked after by all of you. Thank you.”

  • Just want to say a huge thank you to you all. My children have settled in so well. My daughter loves coming and its a huge weight off my mind to know they are both happy when I am at work. Also love there is NO television and that they are entertained all day, and also writing and numerical skills are practiced.”

  • All the girls are lovely. MBH has a nice, relaxed atmosphere and all the children appear happy and well looked after”. “I’m really grateful to Lexi for helping my child settle in so well. The first few weeks were really hard for both of us, but she took to Lexi instantly and that made leaving her so much easier.”

  • The nursery is my son’s second home, he loves it”. “Always plenty of exciting activities for him to take part in.”

  • Brilliant staff”. “It is lovely to see how happy the children are. The staff are all fab and it clearly shows how much they enjoy their jobs.”

  • Keep doing what you are doing! Don’t fix something that doesn’t need fixing.”

  • Loves coming to nursery which speaks volumes about the nursery. Made lots of new friends and talks about the staff as his friends. His is English and Welsh are coming on so well. A massive thank you to the MBH team, your support has been invaluable.”

  • keep up the good work, never a problem having the kid at MBH, makes it easier to go to work. Thanks to you all.”

  • Fantastic nursery, daughter loves it and the bond they have with her is lovely. She has learnt lots and progresses every day.”

  • Was impressed with the friendliness and competence of the staff dealing with settling in a very clingy baby!”. “Thank you for all your patience and reassurance.”

  • Since the change in location I have witnessed the team go from strength to strength. I can’t fault the setting and each member of staff are playing such an important and fantastic role in my children’s lives”.”The team are incredible, easy to approach.” “Keep up the high standards.”

  • I would like to thank you all for making it easy for me to go back to work with ease. He is a happy and content child when he comes home. I love that he gets to try different food/activities, and I love the facebook photos!”



Feedback from the children



“That I get to play with my best friend, because it is fun. And I get to play in the den and do lots of dancing.”



“He loves everyone at nursery. He loves playing outside in the Summer. His favourite day to day activity is circle time.”


“Paint and color.”

“Playing games.”

“Playing with my friends.”

“I like my teachers (listed everyone’s name!).”



“Playing with my friends.”

“Going to the park and playing in the garden.”

“Friendly staff – they are my friends.”

“Activities – writing and craft activities, reading and singing.”



“Enjoys all the toys.”

“She loves coming to nursery, makes us feel at ease knowing they are happy coming to nursery for the day.”




“Playing with my friends, singing songs, dancing, there’s lots of space for me to run around and I love going outside in the garden.”


“Likes stories and playing outside.”


“Loves singing and dancing.”“Singing, playing and friends.”






The children provided feedback that demonstrated they are happy and content in their setting. We listen to and value their opinions when we review our service and look to better it. Being able to go outside was again a factor however again that is weather dependent and as the weather improves they are out every day.


The children think highly of the staff and that is a reflection on the strong relationships we build with them during their time with us. We work hard to ensure they are happy and content with us, feeling loved and valued at all times.



Staff feedback


We are very fortunate in Meithrinfa Bach Hapus that our staff turnover rate is extremely low; the majority of the team have actually been at the nursery since the day it opened it’s doors in 2012. This is a clear reflection on the ethos of the nursery and the strong bond we all have as team. This enables us to provide a loving and stable environment, and each staff member has strong relations with the children throughout their time with us.


The staff work hard to continually progress in their own professional development; every member of the team is currently completing their level 2, level 3 or level 5 as well as working. Personal development is strongly supported in the nursery and the team support each other.


Staff comments during appraisals on working in the nursery;


  • Amazing team work.”

  • I love working at the nursery, the ladies I work with are amazing, we all work so well together in order to create the perfect home-from-home environment. You (Sami) provide us with the opportunity to further our learning and development and are always there to provide support wherever needed.”

  • Like that we are able to communicate openly with all of our parents in order to ensure we can provide the best possible care for all their children and we know we have their full support.”

  • I love the bond we all have, makes working so much more fun. We all work well together and help each other out. Love helping the children develop and grow.”

  • I just love the amazing team we have together and so close to Sami. I love seeing the children grow and develop each time I see them. They grow so quickly!”

  • I love working in the nursery. We are like a little family and missed the team while I was on maternity leave. My daughter loves coming to nursery with her new friends.”

  • Helping the little ones learn and develop; being part of a loving environment that’s happy and fun.

  • We are a great team that makes working in nursery amazing. Everyone works well together; we are like family.”

  • Definitely couldn’t ask for a better team or work environment. Find working with children and aiding their development extremely rewarding.”





To conclude this report I have the following points;


  • The parents/guardians are very happy with the service provided.

  • All points raised have been addressed and either implemented or an explanation given as to why not. Also these points will be continually reviewed should an opportunity arise to implement suggestions, for example the later opening hours.

  • The comments made were truly uplifting to us as a nursery and we are proud of the strong parent/nursery relationships we have in place.

  • The children had the opportunity to have their voices heard on the questionnaires and this demonstrates clearly how valued they are to us. I think this was a positive exercise to be carried out between the children and their parents/guardians.

  • It was enjoyable to read their feedback and see their pictures.

  • The staff thrive in their work place, progressing professionally and personally. The staff bond is very strong.

  • The staff are confident in their environment and feel strongly supported by their team and the manager.


I would like to thank all that took part in the questionnaires and provided invaluable feedback for us. Without this we would not be in a position to make changes that better the service for you and your children.



Thank you once again,



Sami Owen - Proprietor