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• Meithrinfa Bach Hapus offers a day nursery facility for boys and girls aged 0-8 years.
• The nursery is open between the hours of 7.30am-6pm on days Monday to Friday; however the nursery will be flexible to the needs of the parents.
• The nursery is closed from 1pm Christmas Eve until the first working day after New Year’s Day, and all bank holidays throughout the year.
• The nursery offers a door to door service of morning pick up and evening drop off. The spaces are given on a first come basis.
• Our Statement of purpose is reviewed annually and any relevant changes made accordingly. Samantha Owen is responsible for the review and the updated version will be readily available through the website and the nursery notice board.



• Meithrinfa Bach Hapus is a bilingual nursery (Welsh/English).


• We are registered to care for up to 34 boys and girls in the different rooms.
• The babies are cared for in the Mwnciad Bach Hapus rooms: 12 babies aged 0-2 years.
• The toddlers are cared for in the Eliffantod Bach Hapus and the Llewod Bach Hapus rooms: 22 toddlers aged 2-5 years.
• After school and holiday clubs  can be offered subject to space being available in the jungle rooms: aged 5-8 years
• The nursery is registered through the Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales:

            North Wales Region,

           Government Offices,

           Sarn Mynach,

           Llandudno Junction,

           LL31 9RZ

           0300 790 0126


‘Welcome to our jungle’

• Indoors:
• Baby areas; a spacious, bright and stimulating playroom basedon the jungle, a sleep room and change facilities. All individual needs are catered for by our team.
• The baby sleeping area allows a quiet peaceful environment. A black out blind is in use however this blind is inaccessible to the children at all times.
• Toddler areas; an open plan play space based on ‘in the jungle’ set according to the Foundation Phase areas of learning. 
• An ‘iwatch’ system to provide secure nursery/home links for the parents/carers.
• A meeting room area where parents are welcome to discuss any issues relating to their child’s development in private.
• A secure building entry door locking system and procedure to be followed by all staff and parents.
• Outdoors:
• A grassed area next to the building. This enclosed space provides learning/development opportunities in a safe environment and is used daily by all age groups. This space also provides a picnic area.
• We have an outdoor classroom, which we are able to use in all weathers to the rear of the property.


• Upon enquiry, the child will be placed on a waiting list when a place is not available.
• Once a place is confirmed a full weeks deposit and fees are due upfront. See Terms and Conditions.
• A home visit will be arranged before the date your child is due to start if required by the parent.


• Our aims are to provide an effective and secure learning and development service.
• We will strive to maintain the best possible service to our children and parents, continually assessing our service and updating where applicable.
• To introduce the Foundation Phase and encourage independent learners.


• Meithrinfa Bach Hapus understands the importance of offering a broad range of stimulating activities to cater for theindividual needs of each child in both the baby room and the toddler rooms. We all learn differently and at different paces and these aspects are always accounted for.
• The boys and girls are encouraged daily to develop their independence and self-confidence as they will learn best through first hand experiences.
• The planning is done based on the Foundation Phase; the nursery owner is a qualified teacher who specialises in the Foundation Phase and this knowledge will be implemented and used throughout the nursery ensuring the best possible start for your child/children.
• There is a balance between child initiated activities and those which are adult led, areas will be enhanced to compliment the adult led tasks.
• The daily routine will is structured to ensure all the boys and girls are comfortable in their environment. The day is filled with focus tasks along with opportunities for the children to choose how they spend their time.



• Where a child has additional learning requirements the nursery will commit itself to ensuring these additional needs are met. If extra training is needed on the nursery’s behalf, this will be carried out.
• Meetings between parents, the nursery manager and key worker will be more frequent to ensure the needs are being met to a high standard.


• The nursery commits itself to providing the highest quality service, employing the best people to care for the children.
• The nursery provides the staff with opportunities to carry on their personal development and training. All courses will be relevant and up to date.
• When the Person in Charge (Samantha Owen) is unavailable, the Deputy will be available to help with any concerns/matters or enquires. The deputies are Alexandra Blake and Laura Kotkowicz. This information will be displayed on the notice boards.


• Parents are always encouraged to put forward their thoughts and views. Questionnaires are carried out annually and comments are always welcome in the comment box located in the hall way.
• All policies are displayed in the hall area for parents to read at their leisure.
• The Review of quality of care is carried out annually once all data is collected from both the parent questionnaires and staff appraisals. This document will be made available via the website and the nursery notice board.


• We have separate policies that detail our proceedings should an emergency arise in the nursery. You will be informed of any problems using the phone numbers you have provided and the situation will be explained in full.
• Should your child be ill we will contact you and ask that the child be collected from us.
• Should dangerous weather conditions affect the nursery’s ability to provide care you will be informed immediately and the situation explained.


• In the unlikely event of a problem arising between the nursery and a parent, our Complaints Policy details the action that you should take and how we will strive to overcome the problem instantly.
• Should you feel that the nursery has not acted appropriately regards your concerns, you can contact the CSSIW and proceed with your complaint through them. The address is as follows:



            North Wales Region,

           Government Offices,

           Sarn Mynach,

           Llandudno Junction,

           LL31 9RZ

           0300 790 0126




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